How To Build A Frame For Hand Tufting

Hi everyone! I’ve gotten a lot of questions about what kind of frame I use for my hand tufted projects so I created a simple tutorial to help you get started. You just need a few materials, and the cool thing is, you can create any size frame you want. Dream big friends!


(4) pieces of 2×3 wood- cut to your dimensions

(4) carpet tacking strips cut to the same dimensions as your wood- if you are making a large frame you may want to create 2 rows of the staggered nail boards

(8) 3 inch screws

drill gun


Step 1

AFTER you cut the wood to your dimensions, assemble the frame using butt joints and two screws per side.

Step 2

Using your drill gun, screw in each side.

Step 3

Align the tacking strips on the wood, leaving a little space on both sides. It’s important that the nails are pointing outward because that is what keeps the backing material tight and in place. Nail that baby down.

Did I mention it was really simple? Now you’re ready to stretch your backing material onto the frame. Happy tufting!

Look out for the next tutorial: Different Backing Fabrics For Hand Tufting

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